• Decorative lighting system.
  • Round paper lanterns installed overhead within the tents interior in a pre-determined pattern. Available in white and assorted colors.
  • Illumination results from glowing lanterns lit by 40 watt bulbs within their interior.
  • Considered a partial illumination system meant for decoration and ambiance. Most events will need to supplement this with a secondary system such as Perimeter String lighting or Par 38 fixtures to provide full illumination.
  • Can be used in 30’ wide canopies, Century tents, and Tidewater Sailcloth tents. Not suitable for use in 20’ wide canopies of Frame tents.
  • Quantity of fixtures varies between tent sizes but 4 to 16 are commonly used.


Styles & Pricing:

  • Paper Lantern

    $ 60.00