• Decorative lighting system.
  • Clear 7 watt candelabra bulbs on a white cord installed along the perimeter of a tent on the sidewall rope.
  • Illumination results from the string casting light inwards towards the tents interior. Light is reflected off the tent valance or edge of tent depending upon the tent style.
  • Considered a partial illumination system meant for decoration and ambiance. Most events will need to supplement this with a secondary system such as Cafe String lighting or Par 38 fixtures to provide full illumination. On a narrower tent or an event that ends at dusk this system might be appropriate to be used alone - contact us to discuss.
  • Can be used in all sizes and styles of tents.
  • Quantity required is equal to the total linear feet in a tent’s perimeter.

Styles & Pricing:

  • Perimeter String LIghting

    $1.40 per linear foot