• Functional & decorative lighting system.
  • A series of white plastic globes installed along the perimeter of a tent on the sidewall rope.
  • Illumination results from the string casting light inwards towards the tents interior. On wider tents it will be brighter towards the outer edges of the tent.
  • Full illumination system when using specified amount of fixtures. Generally installed on the lengths only on 20’ wide tents and the full perimeter on wider tents.
  • Can be used in all tent sizes and styles except for Tidewater Sailcloth tents. Most popular on 20’ and 30’ wide tents.
  • Quantity of fixtures ranges per tent size but 2 to 6 strings are typically required.
  • Considered one of the more economical lighting options.

Styles & Pricing:

  • 6 Globe String Light

    $ 50.00