• Event friendly heaters to provide warmth in the tent. White exterior units with black ducts and or white diffusers. Placed outside the tent, units blow warm air inside tent at the sidewall edge.
  • Thermostat included to select and maintain a temperature.
  • Propane included for 8 to 10 hours of heating.
  • Quantity and size of heaters used in tent is affected many factors such as:
    • Size of the tent.
    • Time of year and or time of day of event.
    • Location of the event (high elevations or close proximity to bodies of water may require giving more consideration to heating)
    • Customers wishes. Some events want to take off the chill while other need a full heating system.
    • Contact us for suggestions and guidance in choosing heating for your event.
  • It is common for an event to use one to three 80,000 BTU units or one to two 170,000 BTU Units.

Styles & Pricing:

  • 80,000 BTU Tent Heater

  • 170,000 BTU Tent Heater