• Economic alternative to air conditioning.
  • Evaporative cooling results from drawing warm air through moist pads to produce cool air - which displaces the warm air in the tent.
  • Typically see at least a 10 degree drop in air temperature so long as outside humidity levels are not too high and proper sizing and installation for the tent is used.
  • Has oscillating feature and a diffuser to direct cold air towards the tent’s ceiling to displace the warm air more efficiently.
  • Advantageous to supplement with fans to aid with cool air movement/warm air displacement.
  • Requires ground space within the tent.
  • Has built in water tank for 4 to 6 hours of cooling and accepts direct water line hook up for continuous operation.
  • One unit cools up to 2500 square feet of space.

Styles & Pricing:

  • WayCool Evaporative Cooler