• Event friendly units designed to cool the tent’s interior. White shrouds and black frames blend into the background. Weather resistant for outside use.
  • Provide air movement to keep flying pests away.
  • The number and size of fans needed in a tent varies. The size of the tent and a customer's wishes determine this. Some events use 1 or 2 fans to spot cool, while others have 6 to 12 fans for a full air movement system.
  • All fans have adjustments to direct the flow of the air.
  • Noise levels are generally acceptable for use at an event.
  • Pedestal fans require ground space within the tent. Pole mount fans are installed on the perimeter poles and or overhead frame work.


Styles & Pricing:

  • 30

    30" Pedestal

  • 20

    20" Pole Mount

  • 12

    12" Pole Mount