• Reclaimed barrels to add rustic flair to your event
  • Barrels can be used as cocktail tables, accent pieces, or to support barrel tops for food stations & beverage service.
  • Barrels have a 22" top diameter and 35" height (there are slight variations from barrel to barrel)
  • 8’ barrel tops can be used over barrels or folding tables to create a unique food or beverage presentation.
  • 8’ barrel tops are 1 3/4 " high, providing a finished height of 36" when placed on barrels or 31" when used on a standard height folding table. They are 36" wide.
  • 8’ barrel top has antique finish that matches our Antique Harvest tables and Antique Cross-Back chairs.

Styles & Pricing:

  • Wine & Whiskey Barrel 35" Hgt

  • Barrel Top (8’ L x 36"W)